NM 2018

Numbered Memo 2018

06/11/2018 No. 25s. 2018 Suspension of Saturday Extension Classes in Alternative Learning System (ALS), Open High School Program and Madrasah Alive. Click HERE to View.
06/13/2018 No. 24s. 2018 Medalist Winners of NCR Palaro 2018 (Hosted By Pasig City). Click HERE to View.
05/30/2018 No. 23s. 2018 School Calendar for School Year 2018-2019. Click HERE to View.
05/23/2018 No. 22s. 2018 Wearing of the prescibed uniforms for non-teaching personnel of SDO Pasay City. Click HERE to View.
05/21/2018 No. 21s. 2018 Implementation of the flexible working hours for the non-teaching personnel. Click HERE to View.
05/11/2018 No. 20s. 2018 Directing all Gov't agencies and instrumentalities, including Government owned or controlled corporations to respond to all public requests and concerns within fifteen days from receipt thereof. Click HERE to View.
04/30/2018 No. 18s. 2018 Submission of list of teachers according to career stages. Click HERE to View.
04/17/2018 No. 17s. 2018 Submission of IPCRF/RPMS results for school based teaching and non-teaching personnel SY 2017-2018. Click HERE to View.
04/17/2018 No. 16s. 2018 Submission of IPCRF for calendar year 2017. Click HERE to View.
04/13/2018 No. 15s. 2018 On permits, demolition and energy cost relative to implementation of the school building program. Click HERE to View.
03/13/2018 No. 11s. 2018 End of the Year requirements for principals. Click HERE to View.
03/13/2018 No. 10s. 2018 Implementing guidelines on the release and utilization of maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) allocations of Senior High School. Click HERE to View.
02/22/2018 No. 08s. 2018 School Year 2017-2018 K to 12 Basic Education Program End of the school year rites. Click HERE to View.
02/20/2018 No. 07s. 2018 Provision of mobile phone (cellphone) postpaid plan/prepaid cardsfor schools division office officials and staff, elementary, secondary and special schools principals and staff. Click HERE to View.
02/01/2018 No. 06s. 2018 Participation to DepEd - NCR Palaro 2018 S.Y 2017-2018. Click HERE to View.
01/26/2018 No. 05s. 2018 Authorized Deduction as stated in Sec. 48 of the General Provisions Fiscal Year 2018. Click HERE to View.
01/24/2018 No. 04s. 2018 Inventory and Data Gathering of School Facilities. Click HERE to View.
01/23/2018 No. 03s. 2018 Submission of Online Monthly Financial Reports, Quarterly Financial and Physical Reports thru Unified Reporting System and Agency Website. Click HERE to View.
01/15/2018 No. 02s. 2018 Reduction in the expiry period of MDS check from six(6) months to three(3) months from date of issue. Click HERE to View.