Unnumbered Memo


10/05/2015   Final Meeting for 2015 Division Science Quest. Click HERE to view.

10/05/2015   Deliberation of Judges for SIP and SIM Entries for 2015 Division Science Quest. Click HERE to view.

10/05/2015   Orientation Training on Technical Assistance Mechanisms, Processes and Operations Framework. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015   Reminders on the Conduct of Educational Field Trip. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015   Presence of the SCHOOL HEAD during the Semestral Break. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015   Gintong Parangal Para sa Edukasyon ni Ambassador Cabangon-Chua. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015    Follow up Meeting of the Technical Working Group in the Preparation of Rubrics for the Performance Indicators in the RPMS. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015    Meeting of AP-Hekasi District Coordinators. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015     BPI on Call in Schools. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015    Taning sa Pagsumite ng Budget of Work sa Filipino. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015    Division Demonstration Teaching in Science. Click HERE to view.

10/02/2015    Deped-NCR 40th Anniversary and World Teachers Day Twin Celebration. Click HERE to view.

10/01/2015    Schedule and Screening of Atheltes’ Records for the Division Palaro 2015. Click HERE to view.

10/01/2015    Invitation to the Launching of the Coffee Table Book. Click HERE to view.

10/01/2015    First National Special Education Leadership Summit of the Teachers’s Gallery (TTG). Click HERE to view.

9/30/2015      Notice of Meeting. Click HERE to view.

9/30/2015      Midyear Conference with the theme;  Evidence-Based Counseling  Current Directions, Practices and Challenges. Click HERE to view.

9/30/2015      Meeting of Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Department HeadsCoordinators. Click HERE to view.

9/30/2015     Conduct of the Regional Caravan of Best Practices in Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao. Click HERE to view.

9/30/2015    Caries Intervention Program-Calibration Training for Examiners and Recorders. Click HERE to view.

9/30/2015    2nd Division Palaro Planning Meeting.. Click HERE to view.

9/29/2015     Deped NCR 40th Anniversary and World Teachers Day Twin Celebration. Click HERE to View 

9/29/2015     Announcement of Vacant Positions, Assessment of Documents and Interview of Qualified Applicants. Click HERE to View

9/29/2015     Special Meeting on Literacy Programs and Projects Updates. Click HERE to View

9/29/2015     National Conference of Children’s Librarianship. Click HERE to View

9/29/2015    Caries Intervention Program-Schedule of Parent Orientation. Click HERE to View

9/29/2015    Meeting of School Paper Adviser. Click HERE to View

9/29/2015    New Schedule of the 2015 Principal’s Test.Click HERE to View

9/29/2015    National Conference of Children’s Librarianship-South District. Click HERE to View

9/29/2015    National Conference of Children’s Librarianship-North District.  Click HERE to View

9/29/2015    National Conference of Children’s Librarianship- East District. Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Survey on the Implementation of the PRIME HR Based on Self Assessment Tool.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015     Notice of Meeting.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    TDC-Forum-Consultation.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Monitoring and Evaluation of School Program Implementation of DRRM in Basic Educational.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Division CI Team No. 2 Charter and Project Proposal.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Preparation for the Second (2nd) Action Research Seminar Workshop.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Caries Intervention Program Orientation for School Principals and Grade Leaders.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Consultative Meeting with the Schools Head to Configure the Resources Available for the Implementation of the Senior High School Program.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Postponement of 2015 Principal’s Test.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015   Seminar Workshop on Guidance and Counseling Law of 204 for Non-Guidance Professionals in the National Government Agencies with Guidance Plantilla and                                Office Designations.Click HERE to View

9/22/2015    Regional Demonstration Teaching in Filipino (Secondary Level) on Differentiated Instruction, Localization and Contextualization.Click HERE to View

9/21/2015   Chapter Meeting of Elementary and Secondary Red Cross Youth AdvisersCoordinators.Click HERE to View

9/21/2015   Regional Career Advocacy Congress.Click HERE to View

9/21/2015   Regional Seminar on Values Formation School Culture Empowering Teachers.Click HERE to View

9/21/2015   Regional Training on Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy.Click HERE to View

9/18/2015   Corrigendum to Division Memoranda, Dated September 10, 2015 re Announcement of Vacant Positions, Assessment of Documents and Interview of Qualified                                     Instructional Managers/Mobile Teachers,Abot Alam-Teachers and Administrators and Administrative Aides.Click HERE to View

9/17/2015  Announcement of Vacant Positions, Assessments of Documents and Interview of Qualified Applicants for School Principals.Click HERE to View

9/17/2015  Announcement of Vacant Positions, Assessments of Documents and Interview of Qualified Applicants for Ed. Program Supervisor in English.Click HERE to View

9/17/2015   Training-Writeshop on SPED Test Construction Towards Better Evaluation of Learning Outcomes.Click HERE to View

9/17/2015   Deped NCR 40th Anniversary Celebration Activities.Click HERE to View

9/17/2015   Philippine Education Placement Examination PEPT Application.Click HERE to View

9/16/2015   Orientation on the Teacher’s English Proficiency Test and Process Skills Test in Science and Math 2015.Click HERE to View

9/16/2015   Regional Seminar- Workshop on the Quality Teaching of Physical Education and Sports.Click HERE to View

9/16/2015   Wellness Campus Regional Showdown.Click HERE to View

9/15/2015   Special Meeting on the Guidelines on Career Guidance Manual Rollout and SHS Early Registration.Click HERE to View

9/14/2015   Revitalizing the Boy-Girl Scouting Movement in Schools.Click HERE to View

9/14/2015  Corrigendum to Division Memo  re: Safe Kids Worldwide and Local Authorities Main Stakeholders Meeting.Click HERE to View

9/11/2015   Announcement of Vacant Position.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Addendum to Pasay City GSP Council Board Special Executive Meeting.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Accomplishment of Deped Order No. 27 sa 2015 (Promoting Family Earthquake Preparedness).Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Special Meeting on Management Letter (COA Report CY 2014) and Opening of Ranking for Vacant Position for Principal IV Items ( Mrs.  Ignacio and                                                      Torres).Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Pasay City GSP Council Board Special Executive Meeting.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Addendum to Division Memorandum on School Based Immunization Orientation.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Corrigendum to Division Memorandum re Second Periodic Division Writeshop for Teacher-Test Writers.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Meeting with the Schools LRMDS and ICT Coordinators.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Baseline Information of Solo Parents for Deped Employees Under Republic Act No. 8972.Click HERE to View

9/10/2015  Minutes of the Meeting with Private School Principals and Administrators.Click HERE to View

9/09/2015  District Field Advisers Monthly Assignment.Click HERE to View

9/09/2015  Caries Intervention Program.Click HERE to View

9/09/2015  Launching of TRANQUILLS WRITING FOR PEACE.Click HERE to View

9/08/2015  Second Periodic Division Writeshop for Teacher-Test Writers.Click HERE to View

9/08/2015  Oathtaking Ceremony of the Federation of GPTA Officers for SY 2015-2016.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015   Prohibition on the use of Motorcycle in the Performance of Duties and Functions.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015  Corrigendum to Division Memorandum re:Conduct of 2015 Pasay City Secondary Schools Press Conference PCSSPC.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015  Meeting with School Science Coordinators and Department Heads.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015   School Based Immunization Orientation.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015  Announcement of Vacant Position.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015  DEPED DSWD Feeding Program Orientation.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015   Nationwide Training on Continuous Improvement (CI) Program).Click HERE to View

9/07/2015   Designation of Acting Education Program Supervisor in LRMDS and Acting Project Development Officer II in LRMDS under Curriculum Implementation                                                    Division.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015   Exploratory Meeting with Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) Blueplate for Better Learning Feeding Program.Click HERE to View

9/07/2015   Pasyal-Aral sa Intramuros.Click HERE to View

9/04/2015   Planning-Meeting for Kariton Klasrum Program Launching.Click HERE to View

9/04/2015  Monitoring of Schools by Supervisors during Conduct of Make-up Classes.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  Regional Meeting for all Division Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (EsP) Supervisors and Coordinators.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  Division Heograpiya at Kasaysayan Quiz Bee.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  Conduct of 2015 Pasay City Secondary Schools Press Conference (PCSSPC).Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  Safe Kids Worldwide and Local Authorities Main Stakeholders Meeting.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  DOH-NCR Implementation of the School-Based Immunization.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  MBC National Choral Competition.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015 International Festival of Language and Culture.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  GSIS National Teachers Month Celebration.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  Announcing the Holding of the Intramurals and District Meet (Athletic Activities) for SY 2015-2016.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015  Oath-Taking Ceremony of the Newly-HiredPromoted Teaching & Non-Teaching Personnel.Click HERE to View

9/03/2015   Announcement of Vacant Position.Click HERE to View

9/02/2015   Meeting of Private School Principals and Administrators.Click HERE to View

9/02/2015   Minutes of the Special Meeting Dated August 20, 2015.Click HERE to View

9/02/2015   Corrigendum to Memorandum on the Conduct of Make-Up Classes..Click HERE to View.

9/02/2015   Submission of Results of and Least Mastereed Skills (LMS) in the First Periodic Evaluation of Learning Outcomes.Click HERE to View.

9/01/2015   Division Meeting of English Coordinators and Department Heads.Click HERE to View.

9/01/2015   Schedule of Observation of Classes and Monitoring of Curricular Programs and Projects by Education Program Supervisors and Public Schools District                                                Supervisors from September 1-30 2015.Click HERE to View.

9/01/2015   Division Roll Out on Child Protection.Click HERE to View.

8/27/2015   Monthly Report on Nat’l Drug Ed Program (NDEP). Click HERE to View.

8/28/2015   Conduct of Regional Demonstration Teaching on Grade 6 Module on Graft and Corruption Prevention Education Teaching Exemplars.Click HERE to View.

8/28/2015   Results of 2015 Language Proficiency Test for Primary Grades ( Grade Three) and 2015 National Achievement Test ( Grade 6 & Yr 4). Click HERE to View.

8/28/2015   Good Governance Forum. Click HERE to View.

8/28/2015   Galing Pook Foundation Unity Fun Run. Click HERE to View.

8/28/2015   Designation as OIC of the Division of City Schools, Pasay City. Click HERE to View.

8/27/2015   SY 2014-2015 NAT RESULTS. Click HERE to View.

8/27/2015    Division Committee on Personnel Training and Development. Click HERE to View.

8/27/2015    Notice of Newly Established Deped Division Website & Official Facebook page. Click HERE to View.

8/26/2015    Division Meeting of all Remedial Reading Teachers. Click HERE to View.

8/26/2015    Civil Sevice Commision (CSC)-PRIME HRM Minutes of the Meeting as of August 24 2015. Click HERE to View.     

8/26/2015   Amendment and Addendum to Division Memorandum no 22 s 2015. Click HERE to View.      

8/25/2015   Meeting of Trainers on Child Protection. Click HERE to View.                                                                   

8/25/2015   Search of the 5 awardees of the “Amb. Antonio L. Cabangon Chua Gintong Parangal Para sa Edukasyon” . Click HERE to view

8/25/2015   Addendum to unnumbered Division Memorandum Dated Aug. 24, 2015, Re: Conduct of 2015 Pasay City Young Writers Conference & Contest. Click HERE to view.

8/25/2015   FY Midyear Program Implementation Review. Click HERE to view.

8/25/2015   GSIS Stakeholders’ Dialogue. Click HERE to view.

8/25/2015   Meeting with Chief EPS (Curriculum for Implementation Division). Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015   Meeting of Board of Directors and Officers,Canteen Managers. Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015  MTAP Convention and MTAP Deped NCR Seminar-Workshop in Math for Elem. & Sec. Teachers. Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015  Orientation on Population Regional Script Writing for Short Film on AHYD Contest. Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015   Malaya Quiz Bee and Sabayang Bigkas Contests. Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015   Invitation for a Lecture Workshop Series at PNU. Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015  Lecture Demonstration of the Hands on, Minds on, Microsale Chemistry Workshop. Click HERE to view.

8/24/2015  Invitation for Science Quiz Bee from Arellano University-Apolinario Mabini Campus. Click HERE to view.

8/20/2015   Conduct of Regional Teaching Demonstrations of the GCPE-TE Modules. Click HERE to view.

8/20/2015   Minutes of the Meeting on Auditing of the Canteen Operation at PCEHS on August 5, 2015. Click HERE to view.