The SDO Pasay City initiates an intervention and innovation to address curricular concerns for improved learning outcomes. 

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 With the implementation of Senior High School, Pasay City schools will continue providing the substance of “learner centered” education and the essence of “lifelong learning” to the learners. It is one very certain way of giving them a future far better than what they have today.





02/14/2019 Summary presentation slide decks of the NAT Grades 6&10. Click HERE to download.
08/07/2018 Planning Workshop in the Preparation of PPMP and APP Presentations. Click HERE to download.
08/06/2018 Comprehensive School Safety Monitoring Tool. Click HERE to download.
05/09/2018 General Instructions for the Electoral Boards & Barangay Board of Canvassers for the May 14, 2018 Barangay and SK Elections. Click HERE to download.
03/26/2018 SMEA Presentation of Mr. Rey Macalindong. Click HERE to download.
10/17/2017 NCR E-Sports Forms. Click HERE to download.
10/17/2017 IPCRF Templates. Click HERE to download.
09/22/2017 School Based Feeding Program Monitoring Tool. Click HERE to download.
08/10/2017 2017 Technolympics Contest Packages. For Elementary Category click HERE to download. For Secondary Category ClickHERE.
07/28/2017 Proforma Memorandum of Agreement for the Management and Operation of School Canteens by Teachers’ Cooperatives. ClickHERE to download.
05/19/2017 Elementary School Form 137. Click HERE to download. For Form 138. Click HERE to download.
01/24/2017 NCR Palaro Attendance Sheets 2017. ClickHERE to download.
10/05/2016 BEDS Assessment Forms. Click HERE to download.
10/05/2016 Updated First Day of Service Forms. ClickHERE to download.
10/04/2016 Division Palaro Forms. Click HERE to download.
08/02/2016 Girl Scout of the Philippines (GSP),Pasay City Council Calendar of Events. Click HERE to View.
07/15/2016 List of Schools Directory of Public & Private Schools in Pasay City. Click HERE to download
07/14/2016 List of School IDs of Public & Private Schools in Pasay City. Click HERE to download.
03/21/2016 RPMS Forms. Click HERE to download.
02/24/2016 Template for Senior High School (SHS) Early Registration Form. Click HERE to download.
02/22/2016 Senior High School (SHS) Teaching Position Evauation Template. Click HERE to download.
02/16/2016 Senior High School (SHS) Application Form. Click HERE to download
01/05/2016 K-12 Jingle, ” Pasayeñong Nag-K to 12 Ako”. Click HERE to download. For Lyrics ClickHERE.